Cabin Fever

The bluish black backs of the carp I’d been watching slowly drifted away from me and under what appeared to be an island of trash and some sort of scum. It was as if they had eyes on their tails and had spotted me watching them as they moseyed along the shallow water. My hands were cold and uncomfortable not to mention, covered in sweet corn juice. Besides the short warm spell we had recently, it has been bitterly cold. This is how I ended up here, watching these fish. While most of my regular spots have been ice-free for a while, it was here I felt I had the best chance of hooking up.

Interview with Dave Pickering

One of my first encounters with a Rhode Island carp was through a blog called “ricarpfishing”. The blog, written by local angler Dave Pickering, makes a bold claim; “Carp…The NUMBER ONE gamefish worldwide!” Mr. Pickering is a constant source of inspiration and checking his blog for updates has become a part of my morning ritual. Dave’s updates are something we all look forward to and the rate at which he catches fish is something we all aspire to.

My Journey into Carp Fishing (part 1)

To say that carp fishing is not popular in the US would be an understatement. On most lakes you’ll find DEM (Department of Environmental Management) signs alerting boaters and anglers about the dangers of spreading “invasive” species. This list includes Asian clams, zebra mussels, rusty crayfish and of course, my beloved carp. In one report I’ve read, someone describes a popular local park lake as “infested” with carp. I call it a “runs water”.