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A Cold North Wind

For the third time in 10 days a cold north wind is bringing us a severe weather system further delaying the arrival of spring. It’s not all doom and gloom however, as a few reports of people catching pond tuna have emerged. Those freakishly warm days we had back at the beginning of March were even kind to me; I managed to have the best session numbers wise of all time. My experience that afternoon further supported my belief that under the right conditions, a single hookbait cast at showing fish is enough to get a bite.

It was last spring when I became fully confident fishing a single hookbait. I’d started carrying a third rod that could be deployed in a hurry should the fishing be slow and a fish showed itself. (Side note: If you live somewhere where a third rod is not permitted, you’ll need to reel in a rod.) It was a cold, slow morning when I first deployed a single pink pop-up well passed my baited spot. It’s always a little unnerving fishing off a baited spot, but there is no sense in waiting for fish that aren’t in the mood to move no matter how special you think your free offerings might be. Low and behold the “single” went off within a few minutes. Was it a fluke? Would it work everywhere?

The "Chod" Rig

Time and time again last season and once again on my most recent outing, I’ve observed that this tactic works. A carp will without a doubt pick up a decently presented bait with absolutely no additionally introduced food around it. Give it a shot, you may be surprised.

Happy nor’easter.