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A Mid Winter's Ramble

Well, winter is here… sort of. I went out scouting these last few days and found open water in the places I visited. I’ve yet to go fishing for anything this year but I get the feeling I will be out and about in the next few weeks. Besides day dreaming, here are some videos I’ve watched that have helped keep me sane.

I was in my early teens when AOL started handing out CDs that had the keys to the kingdom. Well I guess I’m not that old but at least I can claim I lived “pre-internet” and “pre-cellphones”. I am a programmer for a living so basically this means my whole life exists almost exclusively on the internet. If the internet were to be deleted on a whim by Donald Trump, I would have nothing to show for what I have been doing everyday for the last ~10 years. Anyway, what I’m saying is, I am a fan and I am glad it exists. Youtube is where I discovered carp which I admit is not as romantic as finding them in a small pond behind my school or something. Regardless, I have learned a whole lot watching the plethora of carp related videos available to us. There is a lot of good content on there from the U.K. and even though I get the feeling that some of us won’t appreciate their whole vibe, I’d like to recommend a few to you.

Carl and Alex - Fishing Across the Pond

These two kids are amazing. The quality of their “films” is excellent, I believe Carl went on to work for Nash Tackle. This video is particularly interesting because it takes place here in the states. In this video, Carl and Alex meet up with some young American carp anglers, first in England and then in the U.S. Keep an eye out for some familiar American carp tackle brands.

A Passion for Angling

A Passion for Angling is considered to be the greatest fishing documentary ever. Again, it may not be your thing but to me Passion for Angling captures the joy of fishing. Disclaimer: It’s not all bass boats and homerun hooksets.

Note: this video has been taken down which is understandable. I’m sure it will crop up somewhere OR you could just buy it!


This is the Nash Tackle 2015 product dvd but it sure doesn’t feel like it. I think in general people have mixed feelings about Nash and other big tackle companies but it’s hard not to appreciate their innovative approach to tackle and marketing.


Another Nash produced series. This one follows Alan Blair fishing in “urban” locations in Europe. There are a whole bunch of these to watch, this one being the longest. This series is interesting in that Alan is fishing in wild waters as apposed to the more traditional paylake type places. Sound familiar?

There you have it!

That should keep you busy till what little ice we have on the ponds is gone. As of this morning, my local lake is about 80% thawed out. As I type this I hear rain slowly trickling off my roof; each drop chipping away at the icy veneers covering our favorite swims. I suppose it could get cold again after all, it is winter. Lets hope not.