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A Week to Remember

I caught my first ever shad while wading the Narrow River this week, something I will need to experience again soon.

We spot hopped that afternoon, ending up in a salt pond where we had an absolutely bonkers striper outing. The fish crushed Zoom fluke after Zoom fluke, we ended up with 30+ schoolies that night between us. After a slow summer carp fishing, it was nice to hook into some hard fighting fish again.

The following day we debated on whether or not it was gonna be possible to do an albie trip we had planned with a tropical storm headed our way. Turned out there was a window of decent weather on Tuesday morning and being the obsessed fishy-men we are, we went ahead with it. What followed was a morning of mayhem and no it wasn’t the weather, it was the ridiculous amount of ravenous albies we came across. Epoxy jigs did the damage that morning and by the time we were done we estimated we had caught over 50 of them between the three of of us. It was the best of times.

The weather sure is doing some funny things - I, for one, welcome the change. Perhaps it will turn the pond tuna back on. Regardless, this past week has certainly been a week to remember.