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Another Summer

Time flies when you are living. Before you know it, the summer wind is blowing its final gusts and a noticeably cooler fall wind has begun to make its presence known. Across the lake, the tree tops have begun showing their fall colors and at my feet, squirming in the net, is the first carp I have seen in more than a month.

It’s hard to admit that I’ve gone that long without catching a carp. In the end, it equates to roughly 10 outings at an average of 3 hours per session. I don’t dare do the math on the cost of bait I’ve blown through. I’ve fished rivers and a number of still waters. I’ve fished new waters and old waters. Even so, I remained carpless.

The image above is a still from some underwater filming I did of a rig. It is relatively dark in only about 4 ft. of water. This is due to the lake being quite murky, the water is the color of an iced coffee. In the video, I observed a number of fish species immediately start devouring the contents of my pva “stick”. Surprisingly the most interested fish was a yellow perch, a species I would have never really imagined would be interested in my free offerings, yet there it was pecking away. None of the fish showed enough interest to go after the tigernut and small popup I was fishing, however eating my free offerings meant that there would be little to no freebies left for a carp. Was this happening all around the lake? If so, how much bait would have to go into it in order to feed off the smaller fish?

Could this be it? Could this be why summer is so hard?

I could speculate endlessly about why my summers seem to implode, but such speculation would lead to me disappearing up my backside, never to be seen again. Instead I carry on hopeful that something will eventually click.

Another summer is wrapping up and fall is on its way. Let’s hope the year ends as good as it started.