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An Early Early Spring

Welp, spring had been teasing us for a few weeks and it seems like its finally here. I wish I could report that things were getting carpy but so far it’s been slow for me. Here is a quick update.

Getting back into the swing of things

I will be completely honest and say that it has been a bit of a struggle getting back into the swing of things. On top of that, on the very few and short sessions I’ve had, there has been a certain confidence lacking. I am continuously amazed by those veterans who have been catching carp in the last few weeks. It is without a doubt that their “ice out” spots and early spring tactics are things that they have earned through years of hard work and time spent on the bank. I will also say, that I am grateful for how much knowledge they openly share with all of us.

As I’ve mentioned I have been out. After the huge rainstorm we had last week, I set out on a warm morning to some “small” spots. These are spots where on the right day I can see carp leisurely living out their scaly existence. It was a gamble and after walking around for about an hour without seeing any signs of fish, I went about the rest of my day. I’ve also had a couple of short sessions on a venue that I am currently doing what I call “discovery” on. Basically all it means is that I’m looking for signs of carp as I’m not currently aware of their existence in this particular body of water. I’ve also spent time just “leading around”. If you are not familiar with the term, it means putting on a lead (no rig) and casting around the water. This helps me gauge depth and figure out what the bottom is like. Today was the first time I’ve actually seen any species of fish around. Just a few feet in front of me you could see the faintest little “V” type ripple that fish make when they are swimming close to the surface. Could it have been the teeniest little carp? Anyway, if I only catch one fish from this place, I will be perfectly content. If I let myself, I could just hop around from pond to pond trying to find carp but then again, you wouldn’t want to read a blog about blanking regularly. *DISCLAIMER, YOU STILL MIGHT*

My first saltwater fishing show

My mother-in-law got free tickets to the Saltwater Fishing Show this year and having not gone before, I figured I should take those tickets. I’m not much of a saltwater guy but I do happen to know a very salty/trouty type of person who would have enjoyed going. Naturally, I went there looking through the lenses of an obsessed carp angler but found very little that catered to my needs. There were some expensive Korean made rods that seemed to be impossibly “bendy” that did briefly catch my imagination. There was also a guy who had invented a hollow plug that you could fill with some sort of “attractant”. He lost me when he showed me a little bottle of this attractant and I immediately began considering if his magic goo was something I could use to catch carp. Perhaps the closest carpy thing was this small company who was doing a sort of bite indication thing for surf casters. It was a clever, simple contraption that I suggested could be adopted by people getting started in carp fishing. If I happen to find the websites to these companies I’ll post them.

Finally, I leave you with this picture of a poster I got from the friendly people at the DEM booth. I’m not sure if it matters to me that there is one particular species of fish conspicuously missing from the poster. Sometimes I think that carp don’t actually exist and that somehow I’ve gone completely insane. I mean, can you really catch a 20lb fish on a grain of sweetcorn? On a size 8 hook? OR WITH A FREAKING PEANUT?!?