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Everything but the...

Here is a picture of me holding a very large striped bass like a fool. This last week has produced several species of fish but no carp.

This past Monday I joined Mark on a boat after some stripers. Man, what a fantastic time we had. While saltwater fishing is not necessarily my forte, I can totally see why people love catching these fish and surfcasting may have to play some role in my yearly fishing in the future. We got amongst some gigantic stripers, my biggest being a 30. All credit goes to the captain we were with who put us on these fish. Coincidentally the captain had a little bit of a carp bug himself and I was happy to chat about it with him.

Waking up at 3:30am to meet Mark at 4am destroyed me for the rest of an already busy week. My wife’s birthday was coming up and having botched mother’s day, I knew I needed to make an extra effort to make up for it. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it over and over to anyone that will listen; young, single anglers, fish your butt off now cause it can get complicated once you are married and have children. I must have done right by my wife cause on Friday morning I was fishing again, guilt free, happy that everyone was content back at home. Happy wife, happy life fishing.

Not having the bandwidth to do any planing for fishing, I had to improvise a bit. Thursday afternoon I stopped for a quick scout of a piece of water near my home. It looked really good and I couldn’t resist fishing it on Friday. I arrived early to lead around and find a spot to fish to. Knowing I’d have to bait up beyond the reach of my baiting spoon, I brought along the Spomb, something I haven’t used much this year. After finding a spot, I clipped up my third rod and began Spombing out my particle mix. Once I was done Spombing I cast an already rigged up rod to the same area. “Will it be worth the effort?” I thought to myself. With one rod fishing, I started getting the second one set up. As I did this a few fish showed about 15 feet in front of me and I quickly finished what I was doing and put the next rod out.

The water I was on is notoriously hard and after blanking on Friday it crossed my mind that what it really requires is some quality time spent at it. Later in the year, I plan on spending a good solid couple weeks on it. This may mean not catching anything for 2 weeks or it may be that I crack it wide open and start catching regularly. Only time will tell.

Sunday morning I peeled myself out of bed at 4:30am again and went to a place I’d scouted but not fished. Upon arrival, I started looking for signs of fish and settled on fishing to a spot where I saw some suspicious bubbles. They were a tad on the small size which I’ve come to suspect are turtles moving around, nevertheless it was the only clue I had to go on. After about an hour I was feeling tired and uninspired. I packed up my gear and went on to have a look at a stretch of a river that was connected to this pond. Finding no obvious signs of fish, I headed home.

Small but fiesty

That afternoon, I visited the stretch of river I’ve been fishing during my daughter’s Sunday nap. Going there has become a sort of therapeutic escape. There are all manner of fish around and lots of nooks and crannies to explore. A handful of worms, a float and rooster tail is all you need to have a good time. This week’s visit resulted in the discovery of a nice little pool I have now dubbed “Pickerel Pool”. Four casts produced four pickerel, a species in the pike family that is widely distributed throughout our state. Upon realizing I’d hooked a long fish, I was excited that perhaps I had stumbled across some pike. Regardless, the pickerel fought well, leaping in and out of the current and I was happy have caught it.

This week I’m on a new water, hoping to find what I am looking for. What will come of it?