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Father’s Day

On Saturday, my friend told me a story about how his grandfather used to take him fishing as a young boy. When I asked him if his grandad was a fisherman, he replied, “No - He would just take me and watch me fish.” My friend who now owns more fishing rods than a tackle shop, has been fishing ever since.

My father passed away before I was born and even though I had a “step father” for a time, practically speaking, I grew up without father. He was a truly awful man with no interest in his step children and I think it’s safe to say he deeply resented us. Despite any hardships I may have experienced, I have survived. I’ve become who I’ve become and in the last 3 years I have become the father of a seriously cool little girl.

Regularly out fished by this one...

A child is a magical creature. Uninhibited, untiring, never bored. They are closer to the natural world than the average jaded adult. Free from the self-imposed boundaries we often trap ourselves in, they happily push the limit on just about everything. I am humbled to be a part of this little person’s life.

So, Happy Father’s Day to the fathers that fish. If you are like me and have fishing on your mind constantly but know you must take care of your family first, I feel your pain but also share your joy!

PB Bass from shore - Father’s Day Eve