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Grinding it Out

Cold November rain falls on me as I walk out of the office for the last time. Once again I am changing jobs, I seem to do this every couple of years. With each change comes a shift in free time, time that would normally be spent fishing. Luckily for me, the season has been coming to a rather sudden close.

November has been a grind. The only carp fishing I have done has produced the odd fish, a far cry from the spring where the fish were basically throwing themselves onto the bank. Working within my time constraints, I’ve tried to develop what I call “quick hit” fishing. This is the kind of carp fishing you can do with with just a couple hours. Find some fish, get them to feed, try and catch one. It’s a new method for me but I must admit it has been some of the most exciting fishing I have ever done. The sound of a bite alarm can certainly get your blood pumping but I have to say, watching fish feed and then hooking one has to be the most exhilarating feeling you can experience in fishing. This fall, I have become a big fan of fishing with bread. As a father, bread is the perfect bait to take your kids fishing with. It’s cheap, it’s not messy, the fish like it and so does my daughter. Bread and sweetcorn are the go to baits for a quick bite.

I've caught this 2lb bass twice on bread this year.

Carp fishing has been spotty for me. Without a lot of time to figure out or create a real pattern, I’ve been fishing for other species in the small windows of time that I have. I’ve really been wrestling with this idea that I am more than just a carp angler, I guess I would call myself an “all-rounder” with a tendency is for carp. While my wildest fantasies involve big scaley carp, I would be equally pleased with a very big perch or a rare Rhode Island pike. Maybe this is what I say to make myself feel better about not catching more carp this year. Either way, there is always next season.

A pink pop up cast at a showing fish caught this common.

Even this Texan realizes winter isn’t far away. When guys like Dave Pickering and Kev Wasilewsky start saying the carp season is over, it’s hard not to wanna throw in the the towel. Unless I stumble into something special, I am essentially done carp fishing for the year. I may have one more carp outing in me and I will probably be fishing for trout or cod over the off season.