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Into the Weeds

Children throughout Rhode Island are returning to school and the mornings are noticeably cooler. Then end of summer is nigh. Having seen only a limited number of fish visit the landing net, I can’t help but ask myself if I’ve misspent my summer.

Carp fishing is a more often than not a waiting game. With a full time job, a 2 year old and home to try and maintain, the last thing I really wanna do is wait. And so, a choice must be made. Should I spend my time somewhere were I am more likely to connect with a fish, or shall I continue to entertain my imagination exploring this weed filled lake?

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve chosen to spend a number of short pre-work sessions, as well as many reconnaissance trips, trying to come to grips with my weedy lake. The challenge has really been trying to find “clear” areas where presenting bait is possible. Once I have found a spot, I will drop a few handfuls of bait and return to check if the spot has been cleared. Is there any bigger disappointment than returning to a pre-baited area only to find a lifeless pile of maize staring back at you?

This clear spot looked good but was never visited by any carp

Clear spots are few and far between on this lake. Obviously the fish have no problem navigating though the weeds but I believe there are places that are sorta hidden from them by floor to ceiling weeds.

A diagram I drew on the back of a buisness card after revisiting an uneaten spot while the sun was high in the sky.

The picture above is of a spot I pre-baited before realizing exactly what was going on around me. What I came to realize after burning a morning here was that this area was potentially obscured from any passing fish by two walls of weeds. It was only after returning to have a look in the afternoon sun that I realized this. Incidentally, the “X” is place where I saw considerable feeding activity, notice it is outside the walls of weed. It’s very easy to just cast out and hope for the best but I think it’s worth taking time to consider what potential obstructions will keep a fish from encountering the small trap you have set. Now, please don’t take this as me calling my thoughts gospel truth or anything. These are simply my observations and the “rules” that I am letting shape how I decide where to fish.

With each 2 12 hour session, a new piece of the puzzle is revealed. Just how many peices are in this puzzle? Regardeless of the current outcome, I have no regrets. Whether or not I have misspent my summer really comes down to perspective. I genuinely have had a great time searching this massive lake for carp. The thought that a very big fish could be hidding in this mysterious place is enough to keep me interested and excited. Let’s just hope I don’t stay lost in the weeds much longer.