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Introducing Rig Kits!

Welp here you have it folks. For the past few months I’ve been working on putting together what I believe is everything you need (end-tackle wise) to get started catching carp here in the US.

About this kit

There are many approaches to catching carp. Which approach you take depends on the situation you are in. While sight fishing for carp is probably one of the most exciting ways to catch them, it is not always the most productive way. In some cases, a more suitable approach is to bottom fish.

In 1970, using piece of real hair, The “Hair Rig” was developed and is still hailed as one of the most important advances in carp fishing in Europe. Carp are extremely weary fish and the rig’s clever design allows the fish to mouth a bait without feeling the presence of the hook. Coupled with a semi-fixed lead (aka sinker), this rig is an extremely efficient presentation for carp, catfish and other bottom feeding fish.

This rig kit contains the components nessesary for you to create your own hair rigs. I have carefully selected each item to help you catch yourself a carp.

Baiting Needle and Bait Stops

Perhaps the most foreign concept in this kit is the “Baiting Needle”. A baiting needle simply allows an angler to attach a bait to the loop portion of the the hair rig. A “Bait Stop” prevents the bait for coming off the loop. See the video below for an example of how this works.

Hooks - Sharp and Strong

There are many hook patterns here in the US that may suit our carp catching needs. However, through the years many wonderful carp specific patterns have been developed. In this kit you will find a size 8, out turned eye, purpose made carp hook. It is a similar pattern to an Octopus hook but you will notice that the eye’s angle is less extreme and the hook’s point is long and straight. I specifically chose to include an out turned eye pattern so that the angler would have the ability to choose to use mono, fluorocarbon or braid as a hooklength (the line attached to the hook) without having to worry about the hook’s gape closing up as it does with some of the stiffer/thicker lines. You may be alarmed by the small size of the hook but fear not, size 8 hooks just like this have accounted for many gimongous fish throughout the world.

Float/Lead (Sinker) Stops

You may or may not be familiar with float stops. In the US we use them to stop sliding “bobbers” and sometimes for “pegging” weights in bass fishing. The float stops that are included in this kit are intended to create what is commonly referred to as a “bolt” effect. The bolt effect in combination with the hair rig is an extremely efficient set up for shy fish as the fish essentially hooks itself. You may wonder why we use float stops instead of a three way swivel. Part of the motivation is to prevent the fish from becoming tethered to the lead if we snap off. The float stops will slide off with a little pressure if the lead gets jammed up. It is the best of both worlds, the hooking properties of fixed lead with the safety of a freely running lead. Additionally, I hope you will make a concerted effort at taking care of any fish you catch!

How to tie a Hair Rig

There you have it

If you are new to carp fishing, this kit is for you! Get ready to have a lot of fun catching some seriously big fish! Get yours here.