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Marching On

Another quiet week is in the books. March continues its “marchy-ness” and I am ready for this spring to really kick off.

After waiting on the cold weather to pass, I ventured out for a long Friday session. It was an absolutely beautiful night, the fish were bubbling and I admit that my confidence level was high. Apparently the fish didn’t get the memo and even after depositing my carefully (messily) handcrafted (boiled), locally sourced (Tractor Supply) prebait early in that morning, I failed to produce a fish. Blanking, to me is not a big deal. There are only so many variables in my fishing that I can control and as long as I am “fishing well” a blank is not a big deal. Now, a string of blanks, yes that is devastating. Fishing well to me means: I am in a place where there are fish, I have confidence in my bait (hookbait, prebait, etc), I am confident that my rigs are not tangled or buried and they are in the water as expected, etc. There is nothing worst than having doubts about what is going on near your hook. I’d much rather potentially spook a fish and recast than just leave a rig out that I have any doubt about. I won’t add any weird additives into my groundbait that I am not sure about. Rigs in the water, I felt good and it was nice to lie on the unhooking mat and ruminate over the week’s doings.

After about an hour I got to chatting with a nice fella I met who was also fishing for carp further down the bank. It was odd at first to run into another carp angler and while we were talking, off in the distance we heard what must have been another bite alarm. His alarm would go off twice that night, landing one fish and loosing another at the net. It was interesting to hear his perspective on carp fishing in Rhode Island and I came to appreciate the fact that he and others are just as passionate about carp as I am. I think carp fishing can be an emotionally and financially expensive, time consuming business and those who are willing to endure the ups and downs are special. I’ve wondered sometimes if there isn’t some sort of strange chemical in carp slime that alters your mind and turns you into an obsessed, tackle ordering, bulk maize buying, magazine reading, blog writing fool.

Is this bait?

I have this ongoing obsession with bait. Yes, I know oatmeal and sweet corn work but what I am looking for is an economical non-corn bait. It’s taken a little effort but this week I’ll be trying out a new approach in a different venue. Given this lousy Smarch weather (Simpson’s reference there) it may be hard to come up with deterministic results.

I leave you this week with this. This is probably the best version of “How to Handle Carp” I’ve seen. I don’t recall how I stumbled across this but when I saw it, it really sparked some thoughts in my tiny mind. I struggle holding carp. I mean, most of the time I’m fishing alone and I have no reason for lifting the fish up and therefore have very little practice. I hope you appreciate the information shared in this video.

Anyhow, that is all for now. Till next time, wet lines and tight nets.