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October So Far

Well it’s the middle of October and I’ve only just managed to catch a few Albies before their short season is over.

I joined my friend Mark on a boat for the second time this year to chase some of Rhode Island’s prized salt-water fish. It was a hard day’s fishing chasing around albies but in the end we did get into some fish.

What an amazing, addicting scrap these little fish put up!

One of my favorite things about doing these types of excursions is the time I get to talk fishing with the people on the boat we are in. It seems like one way or another carp always seem to come up. An angler that joined us had some interesting things to say about a place he had accidentally caught carp in. He also mentioned having a run in with a sturgeon!

With so much fishing to be had, it’s a wonder how I get anything done. Besides the things you may read on this blog, a lot of fishing happens during the week. I try and squeeze as many outings as I can into the tiny gaps in my schedule. There is a fishing adventure for everyone in Rhode Island and I implore you to get out there and take advantage of the fantastic fisheries we have.

Speaking of fishing adventures, I’ve begun my fall carp campaign. While it hasn’t gone quite as well (terrible so far) as I hoped, I feel confident that I will finish out my carp season on some high notes.

Till we meet again, may your hooklinks remain untangled! Ta!