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Putting in the Hours

Please accept this picture of me pretending not to be taking a picture of myself in lieu of a picture of a lovely carp.

It’s been a quiet week for me. This morning I had my first really early session of the year. I was up at 4:15am and on the bank by 5am. I even managed to make it to work on time. I’ve always enjoyed fishing before work. By the time I get to my desk I’ve already had some sort of adventure rather than rolling out of bed and mindlessly driving to the office. This week I have a few morning sessions planned. There is a lot of preparation that must be done for that to happen successfully and I have to fit all those fishing related tasks between real life tasks. It’s kinda silly how much extra effort we have to go through to do something we really enjoy. For me it’s fishing but maybe for you it’s going to the gym or on a hike or something like that. There just never seems to be “enough” time for that stuff.

I’ve blanked thrice since my last fish. I’m teetering on becoming completely despondent, I’ll be honest. Is it my rigs? Are my hooks not sharp enough? Is the rig tangled? Is my bait putting the fish off? For a few weeks now I have experimented with one rod on a number of pop up type presentations (chod rig, hinged stiff), keeping the other rod on something that’s been working, my partimix rig. This week I’ve been trying out some solid PVA bags filled with a mix of crushed koi pellets, some crushed hemp and some rabbit pellets. I even managed to roll some boilies out of the same mix. It was basically just 2 eggs, 1 cup of crushed pellets, 1 cup of crushed hemp, 12 cup of flour (though I would use something else next time).

They certainly look tasty.

The Koi-lie rig

The lead and the hooklink all sit nicely inside the PVA bag, which ensures your hookbait is presented right on top of a pile of goodness.

A solid bag attached to a few feet of leader. The leader allows these to be tied up at home and easily switched out on the bank.

All that being said, in spite of all my cleverness (foolishness), I am fishless. However, all this experimenting is part of my whole “Searching for Something Special” thing. What I mean by that is, I feel the need to let myself play around in hopes of discovering something really good be it a better rig, better bait or better location, etc. What if I could present a rig perfectly in the weediest of places? What would happen if I cast further, baited up tighter, fished earlier, etc. The list of “what ifs” goes on and on. No one is gonna answer these questions for me. I may fail or I may succeed but the only way I will find out is by putting in the hours on the bank.

Finally, I leave you with this, a picture of a male fallfish, ready to spawn. I caught him while float fishing for a couple hours on the Woonasquatucket. My understanding is that at spawn time, the male fallfish’s heads turn purple and are covered with these little white nubby things.

Till we meet again (whoever you are), have a lovely week.