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Spring Update

People often tell me that they don’t have the patience required for fishing. My answer tends to be that it is really not about patience. You see, nature operates at a much slower pace than your average person does. You can’t change the direction of the wind or stop the rain. The sun comes and goes leaving the moon behind as it sees fit. You can’t hurry spring or prolong the summer. The natural world does as it pleases, when it pleases.The plants, the birds, the carp - they all know this well. Your job as an angler (should you choose to accept it) is to reconcile your life to it, slow things right down. Maybe this is what people perceive as patience.

It may seem crazy at first, waking up before the sun to sit alone by some water. However, I promise you that once you have tasted the gentle pace of a day of fishing, you will never want to be away from it. The idea of rolling out of bed at 8am to go straight to work, for meeting after meeting becomes ludicrous and before you know it you are wearing a t-shirt that says “Born to fish, forced to work” underneath your dress shirts.

Spring is a great time to catch a big carp. My last five fish have been over 20lbs and I have worked hard for them. It has taken me what feels like a lifetime to get in sync with this particular lake. I’ve lost track of the times I’ve blanked here, but now it is paying dividends. I am foregoing some of the more popular springtime lakes and doing something I’ve always wanted to do; spend focused time in a single place, a campaign of sorts. It seems like every season gets progressively better than the one before it. 2018 has been no different.

I hope you are having an amazing spring. Till next time, may your hair rigs remain untangled.