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Surviving Summer

I’ve been back on the rivers this summer. While it is not an original idea to fish moving waters in the summer, it certainly makes a lot of sense. The idea being that moving water keeps the fish active on the hottest of days while still waters tend to go stagnant. Fishing the river is a thrill in itself. It’s a different experience than fishing a still water and even a small river fish will tear your arm off.

Along with river fishing I’ve continued to explore Rhode Island looking for what I always refer to as “something special”. We are truly spoiled for choice with places to catch carp but I can’t quite ignore the thought that somewhere in our tiny state there are unseen monsters living a quiet existence. Summer is probably the worst time to do this sort of exploration. The heat certainly has an effect on the fish, the weeds are in full bloom, etc. These forces are constantly working against you and drawing any meaningful conclusions from a blank can be challenging. However, you never know when you’ll stumble across something good or something different and the only way you’ll ever find anything is time on the bank.

A lovely river tuna

In spite of how seemingly unfocused my fishing been, this has been my best summer so far. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe I’m more experienced. Whatever it is, I’ll take it. While I haven’t exactly been bagging up everywhere, I’ve been enjoying myself and I am perfectly ok simply surviving summer.