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Taking it Slow

Spring continues to play coy so for now I continue to sit on my hands and wait for sensible weather. Having been lured out to the bank by signs of an early spring last year, I realized I was pretty burnt out by mid-April. I’m doing my best to avoid that feeling this year.

There is a place I’ve visited where given the right conditions you can observe carp being carp. My last visit to them found tucked away under a fallen log, nearly motionless except for their tails swaying ever so subtlety in the flow. As I walked around the bank I also observed about 20 white suckers lined up like buses at Kennedy Plaza that had run out of gas. Given that some of the places I really want to focus on this year are many many acres larger than this place, it’s hard not to imagine that the fish there are also tucked away lifelessly. Finding them now seems like an impossible task. Don’t let my words discourage you, people are catching them even in these harsh conditions and as one of my friends put it, “It can only get better.”

In an effort to stay productive I’ve done quite a bit of scouting. This means visiting places that I know I’m gonna fish this year and checking depths of water, etc. This type of information will come in handy in the coming months and it’s something I won’t want to do once things are in full swing. Additionally, I’ve been doing quite a lot of reading about bait making, more specifically around boilies. I’m not quite sure why I keep coming back to that topic but I think it’s something I will attempt this year. From what I’ve gathered, there are a lot of very smart people making bait overseas and even they don’t have all the answers as far as what or why things work. An interesting take away is that they have actually tested a carp’s reaction to singular amino acids by putting them into agar gel pellets and dropping them into a tank full of fish. Makes you wonder about wheaties and soda… Whether or not any of this reading is relevant to my fishing is yet to be determined.

Well that’s it for now, I’m in no hurry to be cold and miserable. Spring is on the horizon, the carp are wiping the sleep from their eyes. Me, I’m gonna keep taking it slow.