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Thawing Out

A small, maybe 10ft iceless hole has began to form on the lake I am targeting this season. Considering the lake is almost 90 acres, it’s probably not something to get too worked up about. Unlike the past few years, I am dealing with the winter with little urgency. I’ve learned the hard way that getting all desperate to be fishing again does nothing good for me. The winter has become a nice break from the manic ordeal otherwise known as my “carp angling”.

This blog is something that can add to my self imposed stress. Despite having every intention of writing regularly this winter, I have yet to post anything meaningful. I often ask myself, “Why oh why do I do the blog? What is the motivation?” The thing is, I love to fish. I love to talk about it, wax philosophical about it, etc. This blog is an outlet for that. When that feeling is gone, I will shut it down. That being said, I hate the gap that can happen in between blog posts. My goal has always been to have cohesive blog posts and so I have to wait for something worth writing about to occur before I post something. I’m not a big fan of “How to…” type posts, because quite frankly, I am still learning how to. Though I’ve been a long hater of social media, I have decided that to bridge the gap I would start an Pondtuna Instagram account. That way I can post the odds and ends that I can’t use in the blog. I hope to be able to connect with you there.

Anyways - I guess that is just an update for anyone who is interested. Happy belated new year!