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The Big Thaw

It has been a relatively mild winter. While I feel the urge to knock on wood, I am confident that we’ve been spared from the worst of it. Somewhere, “old timers” are discussing that “We just don’t get as much ice as we used to”. Meanwhile more progressive ice fishermen are shaking their fists at the sky yelling, “DAMN YOU GLOBAL WARMING!”. Whatever the reason, having grown up with virtually no winter, I really don’t mind.

It has been an eventful winter in the pond tuna household. In December we had our second child, a girl named “Fern”. She is a beautiful handful. As a fishing father I have been diligently earning bank time by being very actively involved with the baby changing diapers (without complaining) at all hours of the night and day. I am looking forward to seeing her grown up and taking her fishing.

Between babies and home life there hasn’t been any fishing this winter. It takes a lot of dedication and motivation to be fishing and be successful in these cold months and quite frankly it ain’t for me. However, I am looking forward to kicking things off in a week or so. The goal this year will be to find new places to catch carp near my home in the northwestern part of Rhode Island as well as figuring out if there are carp in the 10 acre lake behind our property. It is exciting to be embarking on new waters.

To those of you who have or are just now kicking off your season, may your year be filled with memorable catches and may your bobbins be janglin’.