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The Problem of Time

As I write this I am in the middle of the busiest time I’ve ever experienced in my “career”. We are about to launch an MVP version of our application, or “app” as you cool kids call it, and my mind is absolutely frazzled. Maybe one day some of you will be using this tool we have created not realizing that at the other end of the wires there is a sorta fishing crazed lunatic counting the seconds to his next outing.

I can’t seem to find enough time to spend on the bank these days. With the sunrise not being till about 6:40am, I’ve had to adjust my plans around when I think fish will be active and feeding which I have noticed is well after the sun has been up. It’s a small window for me, as usually I have to pack up and head to work by then. With the cold nights we are having it’s gonna get even trickier. That being said, Daylight Saving Time is about to end and sunrise will be a whole hour earlier giving me that extra little bit of sunshine to try and tempt a fish into the net. Despite my limited time out, whenever possible, I have been tucked away in one of the most gorgeous swims I’ve ever fished. It’s a spot I’ve had my eye on all year and I’m glad I finally went out of my way to fish there. Shrouded in lovely fall foliage, it’s become my own personal happy place.

On mornings when there just isn’t enough time for carp but I still need a quick fix, I have been fly fishing. It’s something I never thought I would want do but nowadays I tend to keep my fly rod in the car at all times. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the whole thing or maybe it’s the excitement of watching a fish take a fly. I look forward to doing more of it after November.

I’d like to catch a few more carp before November is over. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost time to put the carp rods away for the year. But let’s not jump ahead of ourselves. There is still time for one final push. One way or another, I will find time.