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It’s hard to believe the end of May is upon us. Looking back at the last week or so, I realize that a lot has happened since I last posted. Here is what I’ve been up to.

It’s been an amazing month for me, pond tuna wise. I was thinking recently about whether or not to post numbers of fish caught and I think I’ve decided that I wouldn’t. Don’t worry it’s not in the hundreds or thousands. I’m not overly concerned with numbers at the moment, perhaps someday that will change. I hope that doesn’t sound all highfalutin, I simply don’t want that to become the main driver in my fishing. I will say that I am certain I will pass last year’s total by a huge margin and that to me means that I’m doing something better this year.

Last week sessions produced several fish, one of which was a 21.5 that I battled for about 10 minutes. Eventually the fish gave up; the battle left several feet of my line stretched out in curly coils. I’ve been using 12lb Korda Touchdown as mainline and I’ve been a little reluctant to play fish too aggressively. I will definitely consider a different main line next season, I’ve actually been thinking about using braid. The problem with most braid, as far as carp fishing goes, is that it doesn’t sink well by default. You’ll have to find a sinking braid and fish it with some sort of fluorocarbon leader to protect the fish from getting all beat up by it. Also, since there is no stretch in braid, you won’t have that buffer (stretchiness) that other types of lines give you which could potentially lead to you accidentally pulling the hook out of the fish’s mouth. On the flipside, no stretch means, you will register bites quicker, feel the lead hit the bottom better, etc. Braid also tends to be more abrasion resistant which is helpful if you fish snaggy and weedy waters (is there any other kind?). Anyway, just some random bits there. I should probably just pick a line and stick to it!

A small but beautiful mirror caught on a 6ft carp rod, method feeder and MONO!

I’ve been kinda waiting around for the carp to spawn. I’ve been reluctant to commit to fishing one location since it’s completely possible to show up to one place and find that the fish are “getting busy” and are disinterested in being hooked in the mouth. That being said, I’ve been trying to keep the fishing simple, not lugging around a bunch of gear, fishing only my 6ft carp rod and staying mobile. It’s refreshing to do this type of fishing versus a big sort of “campaign” though both have their time and place.

Mark and his second carp of the morning.

My friend Mark, the trouty/saltwatery angler I often speak about had his first on purpose carp today. I say “on purpose” cause Mark has told me a story of catching a carp on dead shiner by accident. He then proceeded to put it on a stringer (FACEPALM!) till his family came to look at it. He is a mad keen angler and has been fishing for a long time and I have learned a ton of good stuff from him. As much as I enjoy fishing alone, the right company can make for a very enjoyable trip.

Tonight I ventured out to a new to me small water. I have to say, I’m more excited about catching a single carp from there then I am about the idea of catching 10 of them in a place I’ve already been to.

Anywho, I hope you are enjoying this lovely pre-summer summer. Ta-ta!